Isolated but Connected

Isolated but Connected is an exhibition of the students work from Intermediate 12 at the Architectural Association in London. The unit worked on rural terrains near the village of Fiskars in Finland which is an old ironworks community 100km west from Helsinki. The exhibition consists of three main features, all representative of the unit’s pedagogy: the space itself, the models and the posters.

Exhibiting in a production space allows us to use the pretext of scenography to engage in a modest architectural project, a slight modification of the unit space. Two simple new devices — a metallic board and a storage space covered by a curtain — allow for a clutter-free space suited for collaborative team work. These devices are intended to remain in the space after the exhibition and will serve the next group of students working here next year.

On the floor, plaster models adhere to a standardised representational technique. The models are the result of distributed team work, where individual expression is of less importance than the difference in strategies revealed by their uniformity. Here, through a shared way of abstracting their projects, the students each exhibit their proposal for the doubling of the population of a small village situated in southern Finland.

On the wall, we feature the notorious AA review ritual in the form of posters showing the last elements of the student portfolios. They are the support and background for the conversation between the unit participants and the rest of the school during this important moment.

Intermediate 12 aims to work on space, collaboration and discourse. In undergraduate school, Intermediate 12’s objective is to offer the students a foundation on these three fundamental aspects of architecture.

Students of 2017-2018
1. Tamir Aharoni
2. Simon Glemser
3. Sarochinee Wongchotsathit
4. Romain Conti-Granteral
5. Sofia Tabet-Aoul
6. Ellen Hu
7. Christopher Ioannou
8. Emma Voisin Isdahl
9. Maya Kleiman
10. Julian Morisset
11.Amy Glover
12. Elisa Commanay

Unit Masters
Taneli Mansikkamäki (AGO) and Max Turnheim (UHO)