Forsström House

A 125m2 single family house with a garage and the possibility to extend the house upstairs. The house is designed by using generic and local details to conform with the vernaculars of surrounding area and to lower the built cost of the house. Forsström House is formally simple, it follows the construction tradition of timber houses typical to the area but by updating the building process to use solid prefabricated wooden elements instead of a traditional frame.



There are four rooms on the ground floor and a large living area with a kitchen and dining. The entrance of the house is in the middle, the public areas are situated on the right side and the private spaces on the left side of the house. The rooms which are equal in size offer more flexibility to its users by not specifying the use. The equally proportioned spaces offer a longer life span to the building rather than customising them to the needs of the moment. There is also an effort for the house to be used by different aged owners and people with disabilities.

All the services are situated in a single unit in the middle of the house. It is dimensioned so that it can be also prefabricated and driven to site, dramatically reducing costs on installation, pipework and electricity work on site.

Project Architect:
Taneli Mansikkamäki

Architectural Assistant:
Christopher Ioannou